HIDOTA is the Gamo Gofa word for HOPE, as Hidotas first goal is to bring hope to the young boys of Addis Ababa being exploited by their employers.
The way we do this in Hidota is through selling the products produced by the former child laborers and thereby increase their income.

The boys are helped through the organisation Hope for Children in Ethiopia, who gets in contact with the boys through outreaches in the Sheromeda area in Addis Ababa. The boys have all been working in weaving production with horrible working conditions. They work 16 hours a day without time for rest, play, or even bathroom breaks.


Most of them have been tricked into this labor by people going to the southern part of Ethiopia where the area is famous for weaving. They tell the families of the boys that they will get education and good working conditions if they come with them the to the capital. Instead they are being used as cheep labor, and they are left with no way out.

At Hope for Children the boys have been offered an opportunity to leave their employer and start a new life. Here they get social trainings such as hygiene and HIV/AIDS, a long with proffesional training in the production of quality products.

The aim is that they become self dependent, so that they after one year in the project can leave with their weave and create a better future for themselves.


When you purchase these training products, that are of excellent quality, you are supporting the boys.
When we sell more, we can help more!


Thank you very much for your interest!

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